Meet Beverly Frosch Medium/Psychic and
Certified Emotion Code and
Body Code Practitioner.

Beverly Frosch is known as the Blue Mountain Medium on social media.


Beverly Frosch

Before Beverly embarked on her journey, as a spiritual psychic medium she was an ICU R.N for decades!

She has always heard spirit, but it wasn’t until she reached her 40’s that she realized that her gift of being a spiritual psychic medium had to be shared with the world. The tragedies that she was experiencing while working in the hospital made her very sensitive and she started to absorb the emotional energy of the patients and families that surrounded her.

After being involved in the tragic death of an 18 month old boy, she developed PTSD and took a medical leave. At this point she knew it was time for a change! The last few years Beverly has recognized the need to help people who have trapped emotions that prevent them from moving foreward in life. Not only has she studied with some of the top phychics and mediums internationally, she is also a certified Body code and Emotion Code Practioner. 

Services Offered


My goal is to bring you a hint of peace with the loss of your loved one. I am only a voice between the spirit and physical world. I strive to bring forward your loved one's behaviours and charactertistics and memories. You are welcome to bring a photo of your loved one to your session.

Emotion Code & Body Code

These sessions are done every 2-4 weeks, to help remove trapped emotions that your subconscious mind holds from past traumas. The ultimate goal to help you live your life in peace and calm that you deserve.


Offer Psychic sessions for everyday life questions.

Join me live on Facebook every Wednesday

Hello friends, sharing my gift with the world brings me peace and happiness, which is why I started my Facebook live show Ask The Medium. Tune in every Wednesday at 4:00pm where you can ask me questions.