Meet The Blue Mountain Medium, a gifted spiritual psychic medium servicing Southern Ontario

Beverly Frosch is the Blue Mountain Medium. For her being a spiritual psychic medium is part of everyday life and she aims to help people who need spiritual guidance.


Beverly Frosch

Beverly is the Blue Mountain Medium, but before she embarked on her journey, as a spiritual psychic medium she was an ICU R.N for decades!

She has always heard spirit, but it wasn’t until she reached her 40’s that she realized that her gift of being a spiritual psychic medium had to be shared with the world. The tragedies that she was experiencing while working in the hospital made her very sensitive and she started to absorb the emotional energy of the patients and families that surrounded her.

After being involved in the tragic death of an 18 month old boy, she developed PTSD and took a medical leave. At this point she knew it was time for a change!

My Process

The Blue Mountain Medium like most spiritual psychic mediums, will often mimic mannerisms or specific speech patterns of your loved ones when they were in their physical body. It is not uncommon for her to, also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details. She will ask spirit to verify something that they have witnessed that is going on in your present day life to validate that she has the right person with her at the time.

Beverly also helps clients gain a broader insight into their life’s purpose and path including relationships, love, family, career or business. She may incorporate Tarot Cards on occasions during her sessions.

Her goal is to deliver highly accurate messages that bring you healing, closure and deep inner peace.


The Blue Mountain Medium

Find out how Beverly can connect you with you loved ones today, she will take you on a journey like no other spiritual psychic medium.

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