Work Shops

Development 101:

• The power of positive thinking
• Raising your vibrational level and the importance of it.
• Your higher self and your subconscious
• Receiving and sending information
• Dream interpretation
• Techniques to protect your own energy
• Remote viewing (looking into past and future.)
• How to do a psychic reading.
• Psychometry

(Any topics guided by spirit.)

Note: Beverly rotates work shops throughout the year please contact to find out more.
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Akashic Record Journey:

Through Mediation:
Two hour workshop that will introduce you to your Akashic Library, and the gate keeping process. Once inside you have the ability to ask questions regarding your life. The past, present, and future.

Group Past Life Regressions:

Through mediation you are regressed back to the age of three. From there you will be regressed back to birth eventually leading you into a previous life. You choose which past life you would like to explore through this meditation process.

Spirit Guide Meditations:

During this two hour mediation workshop you can meet up to five of your guides that are with you for a better part of your life. Find out how they can guide you, what their purposes are, and possible even your life purpose.

The Blue Mountain Medium

Find out how Beverly can connect you with you loved ones today, she will take you on a journey like no other spiritual psychic medium.